Evan Frederic Morgan, Lord Tredegar

                       Eccentric, toff, poet and homosexual, the unique fairy Prince of modern times! 

Lord Tredegar’s biographer, William Cross, announces a new book on Evan Frederic Morgan, the “ fairy prince of modern times”.

Evan Morgan’s biographer William Cross, author/ co-author  of  five books featuring the life and times of Evan Frederic Morgan, (1893-1949),  the last Viscount Tredegar, offers an insight into Evan’s letters, poetry and prose in a first ever compilation of Evan’s surviving written works.

Drawing on Evan’s letters in the Tredegar Archive and  the British Library  and  on Evan’s main books of poetry ( Fragments ( 1916); At Dawn : Poems Profane and Religious  (1924 ) The Eel : And Other Poems (1926 )  and The City of Canals: And Other Poems (1929 )  this tribute also combines  a broad base of material from  Archives, Magazines, Newspapers, Anthologies and from the results of  Cross’s ten years of research. The compilation will fill a gap as very little of Evan’s best ( or indeed worst)  verse and virtually none of  his letters are published apart from in William Cross’ books [ NB“ Not Behind Lace Curtains: The Hidden World of Evan, Viscount Tredegar ( ISBN 978-1905914210 ) and Evan Frederic Morgan: The Final Affairs : Carnal and Financial (ISBN 978-1905914241) have a small number of Evan’s letters and poems.]

The  new book  from William Cross is entitled " Evan, Lord Tredegar, Selected Letters, Poems and Prose: The Mystic Muse of Evan Frederic Morgan” ( ISBN 978-1905914333).

The work should be available for Evan’s next birthday on 13 July 2015.

The book will also contain many dozens of quotations from and about Evan Frederic Morgan, Lord Tredegar,  a true "one-off", 

Contact William Cross for the latest information about the new book.